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Construction Design

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Project 2

Addition to an Existing Order

Exist Diagrams

Floor Plans

Site Plan & Sections



3D Drawings




The Smith Family has commissioned you to design an addition to their house on the shore of Long Island Sound. The original house, designed in 1965 by architect Richard Meier, has been widely published and is internationally known. Unfortunately, the Owners needs have change since the original design, thereby warranting this architectural intervention. The Owner specifically request that the integrity of the original design be respected, yet the new addition should have its own presence.

A. Master Suite, (duplex arrangement)

  • Master Bedroom, 200 S.F.
  • Master Bath, 80 S.F.
  • Walk-in-closets, as required
  • Exercise Room, 180 S.F. (not on same floor as bedroom)

B. Family Room, 300 S.F.
C. Formal Outdoor Area, 300 S.F. (i.e. deck, roof garden, etc.)


1. Site Plan (show shadow lines, trees etc.)
2. Floor Plans (all 3 floors) (show furniture)
3. Complete Elevations (showing existing and new addition)
4. Sections (at addition)
5. 3-D AutoCAD exterior and interior views
6. Analytical Digrams and philosophy statement

MODEL (optional):
Form model @ 1/8" = 1'-0"