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Form & Function: Expression of Truth/Beauty

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Theory / Conceptual Issues:
The relationship of form and function has been a central theme in architecture since the enlightenment.  The core issue is whether a building's form should truthfully express its function or should it be independent of its function.  The outcome of this issue provides a rational for architectural design.  17th century architect Claude Perrault was one of the first architectural theorists to separate the issue in this thesis of positive beauty and arbitrary beauty.  According to Perrault, positive beauty plays a normative role of standardization and perfection in design that typically is expressed through the classical rules and language of architecture.  Arbitrary beauty on the other hand is expressive of function and its particular circumstances and requirements.  Modernist architect Mies van der Rohe coined the phrase, "form follows function," to justify his architecture but his work largely treated function as a surreal entity that could be poured into almost any glass and steel container that fit the program. 

This project examines the relationship of form and function in architectural design.  It encourages the awareness of truth, whatever position the designer takes, and promotes the arbitrary aesthetic of “functional” beauty.


All buildings must, in some way, resist the forces of gravity to create a space in which its function is allowed to take place.  This project will use a structural sliver of a span called a bridge as a platform to attach a function.  The structural bridge will support a pedestrian walkway.  The function in this case is the ability of the walkway on the bridge to open, allowing a 30’wide x 40’ object to pass through.

The project will be assessed on structural clarity, functional expression and the creative transformation that takes place.