Architectural Design II

Project 1: FORM & FUNCTION

Based on the inspiration of geared rods well used in wrenches, and the use of chains and gears on bicycles. The original structure of a cable stayed bridge allowed for a particular opening transformation, a vertical movement propelled by circular geared rods that will rotate on it axes, and lift the opening vertically.

The opening has greatly defined the modifications on the bridge, requiring a strong structure on the closer side of the opening due to the opening structural loads, also the system created to lift the opening is held from above by the circular rods.


After a complete analysis of the existing systems designed for the Smith house, I proceeded to develop a new addition which includes: a master suite, a family room, and a formal outdoor area.

The family room will include a Master bedroom, a Master bath and an Exercise Room. Finally I will keep some paths and structures of the original design systems.

Project 3: LIGHT:

In research of the performance of natural light, I proceeded to design a non-denominational chapel on the campus of SUNY at Farmingdale. I had selected the site within the campus, as well as the orientation of such a building.

The Chapel will include a Main Sanctuary, a Memorial side chapel, a Meditation side chapel, a lobby, a storage, toiles, a small Library, a Conference room, and two small offices.