Project #3


You have been selected to design a proposed non-denominational chapel located on the campus of Farmingdale State College. The College wants this to be a profoundly spiritual place that people of all faiths can worship and reflect on lifes events. The College believes this can be achieved by the creative use of light. The College has outlined a preliminary program that is listed below. A site has yet to selected on campus; the College is looking for guidance from the Architect. The building should be integrated into the fabric of the campus. The College explicitly requests the design not be symmetrical.


Power Point











Project Requirements

Chapel (Sacred Spaces - light oriented)

         Main Sanctuary; 50 people

         Memorial Chapel (small - looking back on loss and regret)

         Meditation Chapel (small - looking forward on life's choices)


Offices / Utility (Secular - built context oriented)

         Secretary Office

         Clergys Office

         Small Library and Conference Room




Contextual Analysis









































Light Angles



Fall Winter







Spring - Summer












Light Boxes











Reason for Choosing the Site

The space that I chose to propose is the public circular space in front of Sinclair Hall and the side of Thomson Hall and the Business Building. The reason behind choosing this space is because putting a new structure here allows for the formal space to be more recognized and allowing more event to go on around there, similar to the plaza on campus.

With a new structure it allows a new circulation flow for students to come on campus. The circulation would open up more from where the teaching garden and the entrance from the 110.


Final Floor Plan

































Interior light Designs










































North - South








East - West







Cross Sections






















Building on Site