Architectural Project 1



The purpose of the project is to incorporate a function to an existing design while maintaining the integrity of the original design. We had to develop an existing bridge to allow a large ship to pass through while at the same time will not touch the water underneath in order to protect an endangered species of snails. We also had to create our designs using the given guidelines:

Span = 190'; Width = 12'; Clearance = 40'; Max. Height = 100

No Structural members can be longer than 20 and shall be 1 x 1




Bridge Prototypes

Arch Bridge

Truss Bridge

Cantilever Bridge


Analogy/Function Prototype

Can Opener (Gear/Hinge)

Eyelash Curler (Joints)

Gardening Shear (Spring/Hinge)

Concept Table


Design Process

Design Process Animation

Final Product


Final Product-Animation