Michelle’s bridge was built as a Cable-Stay Bridge; at the west of the bridge, it has a tower build by 1 x 1 pieces. This tower holds the 70 % of the weight of the bridge.  It also has a 30 x 40 opening; this opening its created by a crane that lift that opening on the east part of the bridge, the crane is also help by gear that is locate under the east part of the bridge that doesn’t move. The gears are hold on a hydraulic arm that when part of the bridge starts to move into the land, this arm would bring the gears in ad out without interfering with the movement of the bridge. The gears help to lift the bridge opening by rotating a cylinder shape looking object that control the rotation under the part of the bridge that is going to be move. Ones this part has rotate 50 degrees the bridge would be pull into the land by gears locate at the left border of the walking bridge. This gear would move at the same time as the crane is moving into the land. Also the part that is being move has tires located at the right part of the bridge that would give attraction and a greater amount of power to move the opening part to in to the land. This tower also has an observatory locate on top of ht crane engine, this tower can be use as an observatory, or a part that u can to relax and enjoy that movement of bridge.




§  Front Elevation




§  Back elevation

front elevation

§  Bottom View



o  Animations


§  Final Design View

puente finalisado

And this is how the bridge moves.


§  Back View Detail Design

puente atras 



§ Movement Design

motor puente

§  Pulleys, crane working together in order to lift the bridge.




§  How the gears work to lifted the bridge