Project 2


A family of 5 has moved into the Smith house, They love to have company over and entertain guests, no matter the occasion. They want to add a grand dining room, a party deck, a private deck for the new master bedroom, an exercise room and a family room\


Site Analysis

The Smith house has an odd layout, so it is important to analyze the existing structure in order to know how to add to it. The purple is additive forms, the pink is subtractive forms, the red is the circulation, the pale blue represents open spaces, the periwinkle represents closed spaces, the dark green is private spaces, the yellow is public spaces, and the bright green is the hierarchical focus.















Perliminary Massing

Below are a few images of my few models and idea for the spaces


Final Massing design

This was the design I was most happy with, due to its geometric involvement, and overall look

Final Product