Project 1

Form and Function


Project statement

The project is based around the concept that form should follow function. The aim of the project is to develop a pedestrian bridge that will open/close to allow a 30' x 40' object to pass through. There will be a mechanism that has to be incorporated which will change the final bridge design. Alterations to the form of the bridge can only be made if there is a functional requirement. Symmetry is not allowed in the final design. My prototype was altered to take out a section of the truss bridge which allowed for a moveable track to be raised when the object passed. The mechanism itself was included in the tower.

Span prototypes



Movement analogies / function

Concept (3X3)



Preliminary designs

3D Views

final 3D


front elevationback elevation

east elevationwest elevation

          3-D views of entire project

          Detailed 3-D Mechanism





Animation of transformation process Animation of functional movement