Project 2


The owner of the house is a 52-year-old astrologist. The astrologist is very professional and will often get caught up in his work, as it is also a hobby of his. He can devote hours at a time to stargazing and attempting to find new galaxies. He is married with 2 kids. One child is 23 and the other is 18. The astrologist loves his family but views his work as extremely important and has requested that while he is working, he is completely isolated. He has requested that this location have a great view of the sky. The "observatory" room should have a large glass ceiling or dome, or be a proper observatory. This observatory room is to be attached to an office with sufficient space for storing various files. The office should also have a bathroom nearby so that he will not be away from his office long. The astrologist has also requested that large deck be added so that he may be able to observe the sky while lounging on his deck.



(Work before family for the astrologist)

1.      Observatory

2.      Family Room