Expression of Truth/Beauty

Project Objective:

The objective of the project is to create a pedestrian bridge that also allows for a 30x40 opening to allow vessels to pass under/through the bridge.



Span Prototypes

Cantilever Bridge Arch Bridge Truss Bridge



Span Prototypes (Diagrams)






Movement Analogies and Diagrams

Ceiling Ladder Corkscrew Cherry Pitter














Preliminary Transformation of Structure

These two designs were used as starting points in order to transform the structure. the first design on the right side, was changed by distributing more structural support on the west side of the bridge. The second design was utilized by creating a tower like structure to hold the weight of the roadbed as it rises on the west side of the bridge.








3D views of Bridge














Elevations of Bridge

Elevation from North








Elevation from West
















3D Views of gears and pulley

Gears in Truss on roadbed











Pulley System (where the movement originates from



Gears on both the truss and structure










Animation of Functionality














Animation of Transformation